Ugh, people.

  • *Random kid comes and sits next to me*
  • Him: Hey
  • Me: Sup?
  • Him: Why do you wear that on your head?
  • Me: Uh, well, it's a symbol of my religion....It's modesty and it forces people to judge me by intelligence and not looks and...
  • Interruption by him: You know this is the United States right? You don't have to do that?
  • Me: Yes, I know....I want to...
  • Him: So, why don't you have an accent?
  • Me: I'm American...
  • Him: When can I see your hair?
  • Me: Never unless you marry me?
  • Him: I'm gonna marry you just so I can see your hair
  • Me: ..no.
  • djfkeja -___-